Revision 2020 - Focused on Eyewear

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December 2020

Revision’s LazrBloc eyewear provides this comprehensive solution – battle-proven by military forces around the globe and now widely being delivered to Law Enforcement


As the level of unrest has increased around the world so has use of lasers against law enforcement. While handheld lasers aren’t new, their widespread use with intent to harm is increasing, just as the demand for laser protective eyewear to prevent effects and injuries. Standard laser protective lenses are widely available, but rarer are lenses that combine tailored laser protection as well as military-standard ballistic protection coupled with world-class anti-fog performance, integrated prescription solution and multiple sizes for optimal fit and comfort. Revision’s LazrBloc™ eyewear provides this comprehensive solution – battle-proven by military forces around the globe and now widely being delivered to Law Enforcement around the nation. More information on the current laser threat can be found in this article:


While there are many factors that go in to determining the right laser protection, our LazrBloc lenses encompass a suite of unique laser protective lenses, specially developed for precise laser eye defense against a variety of light energy wavelengths, including harmful and invisible near-infrared energy. LazrBloc laser protective lenses are integrated, interchangeable, situation–adaptable eye protection products. In a field where technological advancement is accelerating, Revision’s LazrBloc ballistic lenses provide a robust and cutting-edge solution. Please contact us with any specific questions about laser protection – we stand ready to support.


Recently we celebrated the one year anniversary of our new ownership with ASGARD Partners + Co and Merit Capital. It’s been a whirlwind of a year as we successfully carved out the eyewear business from our former parent, weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, and welcomed several new team members. Now 100% owned and operated in the USA – the Revision team is centrally headquartered in Essex Junction, Vermont. The focus on eyewear is already leading to growth in new markets, development of new products and technology, and the team is more united, impassioned and dedicated than ever. Our Sales and Business Development team has expanded over the past year, and we wanted to pause and introduce you, our valued partners, to our team. Some faces might be familiar while others are new to the team. 

Also, over the last few months we have seen the number of reported laser incidents dramatically increase around the globe. Revision has been at the forefront of laser and ballistic protective eyewear solutions for the past decade, and we have several key resources with additional information on the threat of lasers and the damage they can cause as well as our capabilities to protect against them. 

Revision 2020 - Focused on Eyewear
Revision 2020 - Focused on Eyewear