Spotlight on RfZero, Droneshield's highly portable drone detection system

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April 2020

March was an exciting month for RfZero, DroneShield’s highly portable drone detection system. It started with an installation for a U.S. Law Enforcement Agency which now provides them with real-time drone detection security and situational awareness throughout the airspace.

The RfZero then made an appearance at Border Security Expo in San Antonio, demonstrating a fully integrated Counter-small UAS (C-sUAS) capability on board the MRZR vehicle.

Continuing this momentum, DroneShield made an announcement, while supporting U.S. Army’s xTechSearch program, that current and future deployed RfZero systems will receive the company’s next generation deep learning detection software—RfAI.

The RfAI update will enhance RfZero’s current industry-leading detection capabilities and ensure it is effective against emerging threats for years to come. The seamless software-based upgrade, demonstrates DroneShield’s commitment to future proof counterdrone solutions for its customers, ensuring they always have the most capable, up-to-date technologies and 24/7 protection from the emerging and the ever-evolving threat commercial and consumer drones can present.

What Makes RfZero so Adaptable?
A big reason that users are able to leverage RfZero for so many different use cases, is due to RfZero’s adaptability. RfZero touts a lightweight, yet rugged IP67 specification, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and the unique challenges dictated by rapid deployable, vehicle, and even maritime operations. With RfAI next generation detection, RfZero can also intelligently adapt to dynamic RF environments and emerging UAV threats.

RfZero can operate fully standalone, without any existing infrastructure, or seamlessly plug into existing networks with only two connections; one for power and the other for network connectivity. Its low power requirements allow for RfZero to operate on-the-edge, with a 12 VDC power source or even batteries.

Interoperability is always a critical component for system adaptability. With a simplified, cross-platform user interface and full API, RfZero can go wherever needed and plug into existing security operations and situational awareness platforms to provide real-time alerts of unwanted drone activity.

RfZero: Key Differences
RfZero covers the drone communication frequency bands simultaneously, in a single unit with a small form-factor. No need for additional equipment or systems to cover additional bands.

RfZero is cost-effective. Far exceeding the 1 to 2 km detection range of other portable C-UAS systems, providing up to 5km of effective coverage, reducing the deployment density required and significantly reducing the initial and any operational costs.

Most importantly, RfZero is drone agnostic and real-world ready. Many drone detection systems only cover a specific or small number of manufacturers, leaving the airspace with vulnerabilities and blind spots. RfZero detection addresses all commercial drone manufacturers and protocols, with an adaptable detection engine that addresses new threats as they emerge.

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Spotlight on RfZero, Droneshield's highly portable drone detection system
Spotlight on RfZero, Droneshield's highly portable drone detection system