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Drone Counter



For operations in environment of enforcing Law & Order and peace keeping missions abroad it is essential that persons are equipped with the best and most reliable of weapon systems available.  We can provide comprehensive solutions in this technical and professional arena. 


In any operational environment ammunition must perform to the highest standard of performance and accuracy.   Butler Technologies provides a wide range of ammunition calibres and natures to its customers that value high quality, precision and accuracy.  All ammunitions are manufactured to international standards and are in use with security organisations world wide. 

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Training Munitions


The statement of ‘Fail to Prepare ‘then Prepare to Fail’ is very accurate when it comes to the environment of simulating real operations.  The use of high quality , reliable and accurate training munitions ensures that all operators are trained in a realistic and safe environment.  We provide training munitions that maintains the highest standards for operators to be fully prepared for any potential hostile theatre of operations. 

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The world today is constantly pushing the technical limits in its advancement of better performance and reliability.  We offer accessories to assist the modern professional to better execute and implement solutions to achieve success.  We offer accessories that can range from enhanced lighting systems to personal load carrying systems to improved logistic solutions. 

Protection Systems


There is always a requirement for organisations, both civilian and military/security to have the best personal and vehicular protection.  Butler Secure Solutions offers a wide range of protection capabilities and solutions for personal use and in vehicles protection systems. 

Drone Counter Measures

Today's world is becoming increasingly dominated by UAVs where invasion of privacy and security of sensitive sites is at risk.  Professional organisations both in the military and LE require to defend themselves against unauthorised access.  We provide a comprehensive suite of UAV counter defensive measures for this new and expanding threat.