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Communications Systems

Butler Secure Solutions offers world leading tactical radio transceivers trusted by coalitions worldwide. Although our radios provide a tried and tested communications bearer, modern day soldiers and law enforcement officers also require first class ancillaries. From bone conduction headsets and market-leading power sources to lightweight extendable masts and antennas, our experienced team are constantly sourcing new products to keep our customers one step ahead.

X-Ray Systems

Ports and borders are at the forefront of our national protection. Never has it been so important that we know what is coming in and out of our country. Gantry and vehicle borne backscatter x-ray scanning systems can monitor static and mobile objects, identifying contraband before it gets into the hands of criminals. Handheld scanners are also available to offer an advanced search capability to customs, prison and law enforcement professionals. 

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Cyber & IT Systems

Built to encounter the toughest of environments, our selection of fully ruggedized end user devices will not leave you stranded. Our selection of tablets, laptops and servers offer differing protection dependant on your environmental needs. 

Butler also offers world leading technologies to encrypt your end user devices. Whether you need secure voice calls from your phone or secure files sent globally we have solutions.

We also have a range of forensic data extraction tools to prevent or solve criminal activity

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Asset Tracking

The ability to monitor the geographic location of assets is becoming more of a necessity to government agencies. Whether those assets be friendly forces or indeed a person or object of interest Butler Technologies have suitable devices and technologies that can be adopted.


Lone workers can also benefit from this technology with proven man-down capabilities to ensure you never feel alone wherever you are.


Integrated Surveillance Systems


Modern security and defence protocols are based on real-time analysis of events. Our audio and video monitoring systems range include close-up covert or overt body worn devices, room clearing robotic systems, or airborne long-range thermal assets to name a few.


Regardless if your area of operations is land, sea or air; day or night, Butler Technologies experienced professionals will be able to match your needs with appropriate world class products